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Welcome to my web page, and as I've said many times in the past: the intention of this web page is for it to be a simple venue or forum to display my creative writing endeavours.

So, I've been busy. And I've gone and written another sci-fi novel. For those of you who enjoyed 'Brothers by Numbers' this new novel 'Beautiful Beautiful' is its follow up in a two part series now and picks up Mark's, Tia's and Midge's adventures one year after the destruction of the Olympia and their subsequent escape in the science ship: the 'Nina'. I'm going to personally describe the new story as highly imaginative in nature and one that follows some of the previous story's formula.

Where as 'Brothers By Numbers' was a story of a young soldier set five hundred years into the future, 'Beautiful Beautiful' is also a story set some five hundred plus years into the future, however this story is told by a more mature adventurer on a quest to find a new paradise, which is - 'a nice temperate water planet'. Seeing how there is nothing for the Nina's new crew to return to back home in the Republic or in the vast community of the Deep Space Colonies except for imprisonment and much more likely - their executions for treason, Mark takes his crew and new ship to a part of the galaxy that few have ever ventured to because - it is an abyss.

Donald's Great Abyss is the real deal; its vast and its empty. No one has found anything larger than a soccer ball in there; not even after centuries of searching. But Mark has a hunch that the Nina is just the ship that can find its way to whatever exists on the other side of this great abyss. There's no faster ship than she and seeing how there is little in the way to run into in an abyss she can potentially run at maximum speed for fifty years if need be. Only a crew that really has nothing to lose would contemplate embarking on such a potentially endless mission, and that crew would be: Mark, Tia and Midge of the former deep space, colonist, science ship: the Nina.

So again, cheers to all who think they are creative, to the right-brained people, and to the intuitive types - who incidentally are all potential poets of great substance.

S J Garrett / June 2017