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Welcome to my web page, and as I've said many times in the past: the intention of this web page is for it to be a simple venue or forum to display my creative writing endeavours.

'The Some Of Many' is my first post pandemic novel and I must say, I quite intentionally postponed writing this novel until I got my first 'jab'. I remember it being early 2021 and I was busy hunkering down as most of the world was doing at the time. I'd been collecting notes for this novel for almost a year, and I had quite the mitt-ful as I remember and there was no way that I was going to start 'Ivan's Tale' as I had tentatively called the project until I personally had turned an important corner for myself which was getting my first jab of Pfizer.

I even remember seeing the 'luckiest man in the world' early in that year and it was: Ringo Starr, no less, on the internet boasting how he had received his first jab months earlier and he said it made an enormous difference in his well being thereafter and he was back in the studio again - laying down some new tracks and etc. and etc.. And I was so jealous of the guy because in my case I'd need to wait another four months for my vaccine and that didn't occur for me until the middle of April of that year.

So early in May 2021 I started the manuscript and it was a gas! I have the time of my life when I'm writing but alas, I've got to admit that I've become an old man now and no matter how much fire there is in the old hearth there is a still a lot of white on my roof, so 'The Some Of Many' may be the last kick at the can for me. It's been a blast but I do not want to dilute my creative output with weak work. So unless something magical happens like I start growing younger this is likely the last work that I shall publish. In the meantime, there's got to be a million good writers out there, and now that I'll have the time for it, I'm going to be reading more of their work.

So once again, cheers to all who think they are creative, to the right-brained people, and to the intuitive types - who incidentally are all potential poets of great substance.

Thank you all for your patronage.

S J Garrett / September 2022